2019 Stewardship Campaign: The Heart of Generosity


The theme of our stewardship campaign this year is The Heart of Generosity based off the verse from the Gospel of Matthew "Where your treasure is there will your heart be also." We invite you to learn more about our pledge campaign in from our Rector's stewardship letter which you can find here. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is pledging? 

Pledging is a spiritual practice of giving back to God in thanks for all we receive from God. Pledging is making a commitment to Emmanuel how much you plan to financial support the church in the coming year. It allows the church to build a budget around the income we expect to receive. Your pledge card allows us to know your commitment and plan accordingly.


Who should pledge?

Everyone! Really, everyone should pledge. Families, individuals, youth, and even children, are all encouraged to participate in giving back to God. This is in some ways even more important than how much one gives. What matters most is that all people are given the opportunity to give back to God. If you consider yourself a member of our community you are encouraged to pledge. 


How much should I pledge? 

This is a very personal decision. Every person pledges differently based on what they feel called to give and what they are able to give. Some people give a tithe (10%) of their income. Some give less. Some give more. There is no right amount to pledge. All pledges are welcome and help us do the work we are called to do at Emmanuel. What’s important is that each individual prayerfully discern what they are called to give.


How do I pledge?

You can pledge by filling out the pledge card that was mailed to you and returning it to the church office or rector. You can also fill out an online pledge card under the giving tab on the Emmanuel website. Please return your pledge card to Emmanuel by November 18.


How do I pay my pledge? 

You have several options to pay you pledge. You can pay it in Sunday services with a check in the offering basket (make sure to write pledge on the memo line!) or cash in an envelope that marks it as a pledge from you. You are welcome to mail a check to the church as well. We do accept online pledge payments through the giving tab on the Emmanuel website. You can set that up to withdraw automatically.


Who will know my pledge? 

We understand that pledge information is very sensitive. Pledge information is not public information and is limited to the rector, head of stewardship, treasurer, and bookkeeper. 


What if I have more questions?    

Rev. Elizabeth Riley and Lee Stiles, our Head of Stewardship, are always happy to have a conversation with you about pledging and supporting Emmanuel. 





Pledging: By the Numbers

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