The Emmanuel Rectory

“Let us build a house where love can dwell . . .”

2018 is the important year our Rectory project has become a physical reality. After several years of planning, design, permitting, fund-raising and other preparatory tasks, ground was broken in October, and the new home of our Emmanuel Rector will be ready for occupancy this Spring.


When completed, this home will be a three bedroom, 2,600 square foot house with attached guest quarters, and a two-car garage. We expect it to appraise favorably with other similar houses in the neighborhood, likely in the range of $2 Million. (Currently a pretty typical value for new residential construction (with lake and city views!) on Mercer Island.) Our overall building cost for this home is well under $1 Million due to the church’s existing ownership of the land. Less than 25% of the building cost requires the church to borrow money thanks to the generous donations of parishioners who support this project. The borrowed money will be easily repaid once the church ceases to pay monthly rent for non-owned housing. This home is a solid investment in the future of Emmanuel Church.


Although the house has “come out of the ground,” and is beginning to take on a near-finished look from the outside, there is still much work to do. Currently the electrical wiring is being completed. Once inspected it can be connected to the grid. Plumbing, sewer, and natural gas hookups will follow soon. Fire sprinklers have been installed. Then there will be several weeks of putting up walls and ceilings, installing floors and cabinets, and finishing out myriad details. We expect Reverend Elizabeth’s family to be able to move in the week after Easter in April.


With much of the “hard construction” completed, our focus will also turn to “non-building” tasks, including landscaping the adjacent property, installing fencing, providing appliances, window coverings, and many other details. Some of these activities will require a small amount of additional fund-raising, and you should see those activities soon.


This project could not have happened, and come this far without complications, without the extraordinary efforts of many people. We have been blessed to work with Mercer Island-based architects at Studio Ectypos, and with our Mercer Island-based contractor, Peter Davis Builders. Our cost contingency “overruns” for errors and change orders remains less than 1% of our overall amount spent. Many parishioners have given freely of their time and talent, in terms of professional consultations, on-site reviews, and helpful suggestions. Without going in to a long list of names, suffice to say we appreciate you all – every member of the Emmanuel community.


We are meeting the challenge, and are building a home where love WILL dwell. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. Stay tuned, and watch for the completion of this project, and celebratory activities to follow!