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Adult Formation: Service

Past Offerings

Christians and Jews in Conversation

Review: Two Paths to One God: Jews and Christians in Holy Difference
Fifty years ago, the Christian world revolutionized its relationship with the Jewish people by rejecting the teaching of contempt, the belief that Jews were to be blamed for the death of Jesus. This led to a dramatic decrease in Christian antisemitism. But, with antisemitism on the rise, the transformation of Jewish-Christian relations can serve as a model for all of us. In this class we will review what we discussed in our January 2021 class and lay the groundwork for our experience visiting each other’s worship services.

The Shabbat/Sabbath in Jewish and Christian Experience
This will be a face-to-face encounter with Jewish and Christian spiritual practice. Members of the Christian community will have the opportunity to attend a shabbat (Sabbath) worship service at Herzl-Ner Tamid congregation on a Friday night. And, members of the Jewish community will have a chance to attend a Sunday worship service at Emmanuel Episcopal. There will be time for questions and discussion. 

Israel Matters: How Christians and Jews May Think Similarly and Differently About the People and the Land
We will explore Jewish and Christian perspectives on what Jews call The Land of Israel and what Christians (and sometimes Jews) often refer to as The Holy Land. What are the roots of our perspectives? Where do we differ? And, where can we find common ground?

Sacred Ground

A ten course study through the Episcopal Church to examine and begin conversations around racism.


Further Reading for Sacred Ground: Click here.

Further Resources for Justice Work: Click here.

Other Past Classes/Texts: 

  • God's Unfailing Word: Perspectives on Jewish Christian Relations Read here

  • Book Read: Sabbath as Resistance by Walter Brueggemann

  • Book Read: The Misunderstood Jew by Amy Jill-Levine

  • "Loving Our Neighbors: Understanding Jewish Christian Relations" Primary text: Theologies of Salvation by Paul Knitter

We encourage you to shop local! Island Books is happy to order these texts if you are interested in catching up on Emmanuel reading.

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