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Confirmation Conversations

Hello, Thank you for stopping by! This year, Emmanuel Youth are following a confirmation curriculum as part of our weekly youth group gatherings. We are using Faith Confirmed:Preparing for Confirmation as a guide to help us frame the conversations, but are incorporating elements of Godly Play, and other creative conversation starters to help us work through and think these things together. Each week, youth group is designed to help us creatively examine and explore questions of faith, spirituality, the Episcopal Church, God, and what it means to call oneself a Christian. As youth ponder these questions throughout the year, they will be prepared to make the decision to become official members of the Episcopal Church on Cathedral Day. Or, after all the thinking and wondering this year, our youth may decide they are not ready, or that the Episcopal tradition is not for them. Both of which are totally acceptable and normal outcomes!

We are called to love, support, and accept the youth as they are, and to continue to love, support, and accept the youth as they grow more fully into who they are becoming. Our youth will be asking big questions, and our youth will need all the support they can get! As teachers, volunteers, family, and fellow Christians, we should not only be there to support, but see confirmation as an opportunity to come wonder, reflect, and grow with them. These blogs will include a brief summary of our conversations, a reflection from one of our youth, and some wondering questions for us to dwell on together as a community. These blogs are called Confirmation Conversations, and we hope you will accept the invitation to pray, think, and wonder through these things together! Sincerely, Katya Nemec Associate for Children, Youth, and Family Ministries

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