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Confirmation Conversations: Thoughts on God by Jackson Barker


We began the confirmation journey by "burning" things we used to think about God that we do not believe anymore. We wrote things we no longer believed about God on pieces of paper, and then read them aloud before putting the paper into a fire to burn. Our ritual helped clear the air, and prepared us to get into the habit of letting go of old things and old thoughts to make way for the new. Here are some things we let go of: You need to be perfect for God to love you.

You need to be a Christian to go to heaven. God is not a Santa Claus figure in the sky.

Some Images that Reflect God

We then sat around a circle and examined images of God. Each person selected three images and we took turns talking about how those images reflected who or what we thought God was/is. After a really good discussion, we explored understanding God as a Trinity by using the Trinity centerpiece from Godly Play's story for baptism. We ended our time together, like we always do, by praying through our highs and lows for the week. Youth Reflection: Jackson Barker

Question 1) What did you use to think about God that you don't anymore?

Answer: God doesn't decide whether or not we got to heaven or hell. Question 2) What imaged for God did you pick and why? Answer: I picked a Church, Jesus, and I forgot the last one. I picked these because these are the things we are always told that God looks like.

Question 3) What was something someone said that inspired you to think about something in a new way?

Answer: I liked hearing what others said about what they thought about God. Common thinking and logic are also other ways to think about God. Question 4) Did you leave with any new questions? What were they?

Answer: I wanted to know what are other ways and what I could do better to see God in my life. Community Reflection: What are things you used to believe about God that you no longer believe? If you could pick three images that reflect how you view God, what would you pick and why? How does visualizing God as Trinity help or hinder you from understanding God?

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