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Mission Trip Reflections by Hailey Petersen and Adie Way

Something that I learned at the Edible Hope kitchen service is if you looked closer at somebody, you will see that they are not as different from you. When woke up this morning, I thought that the people that I will be serving will not be talkative at all and point at things that they want, but they changed my mind about them went they smiled and thanked me when I gave them the food portion that they wanted. They even thanked everyone with me when we took the garbage out at clean-up time. Hailey Petersen I learned many different things today like that every person is a human. I also learned that they all have a story to tell. They were very kind, talkative, and. had stories to tell. They always said “Thank You” when I served them their food. They put the chairs back when we could do that. They always smiled and asked how was our day and we said it back. Adie Way

Our youth are on three rotating teams: serving, dining & kitchen duty. Servers hand out food, diners sit with St. Luke's guests and share a meal with them, and kitchen duty help with food preparation. Here is a photo from toady's serving team!
Our Three Servers!

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