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Mission Trip Reflections by Tanner Palk, Maddy Way, and Ben Lamperti

Today was the first day of the Emmanuel youth Missions trip to Ballard/St. Luke’s. It was a long and interesting day full of new learning experiences and adventures. In the morning we attended and worshiped at St. Luke’s. The experience was very interesting, and I really enjoyed how our worship and the worship at St. Luke’s was so similar. I saw God today in the beautiful flowers outside and all of the little Bee’s flying around them. There was a lot of homeless people that I saw. It made me feel bad for them and made me want to help them even more. I was inspired by all of the people that help keep this church running and keep serving people breakfast. I am amazed with what I see and hope to experience more adventures tomorrow.

Tanner Palk

Today was the first day of our mission trip. We woke up very early and met at the church. We then drove to saint Luke’s Church in Ballard. We attended the service and it was surprisingly different from our service at Emmanuel. Later, we went to shop for our dinner with only $5 each. It was a very eye-opening experience for me because I got to see what people had to deal with on a daily basis and what limited food we could buy. I found it helped a lot to share money and food with 3 other people because we could have a large enough nutritious meal. Something today that made me sad but was very eye opening was seeing all of the people in the park that did not have any homes. I felt very hopeful because the church does a lot for the homeless community and is helping people survive and gives them a place to rest inside. Nancy and Sarah were very inspiring because they started all of these programs that give so much to this community. I have had a very eye opening day and I hope to continue this for the rest of the trip. Maddy Way Wow. What a day. We woke up early in the morning to go to Emmanuel for the morning prayer. We then drove over to Ballard and I started to get worried once we saw the church. There were lots of homeless people there and I felt unsafe. I am disappointed that I was so ignorant. This experience made me realize how easy I have it. Inside, we met Nancy, who was one of the founders of St. Luke's many programs, including Edible Hope, a garden, and a few houses for people to stay in. She was extremely inspiring. The group were the only people left but never gave up raising money to make something great. For dinner, we had to only spend 5$ each, which was IMPOSSIBLE. I feel so bad for people who do this every day. Overall, I learned a lot about the community and it was inspiring. Ben Lamperti

Flower from St. Luke's Community Garden

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