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Mission Trip Reflections by Ty Parkinson and Jackson Barker

The day was busy as usual. We worked with a lot of serving and making food for the less fortunate. I liked jumping in to help and do as much as I could so I could make more of a difference. There was only 1 ½ hour of free time the entire day so we were pretty wiped after waking up so early. My attitude was consistent throughout the day and I hope that it continues. Jackson Barker

Today was pretty good. It was like the other days which would consist of waking up, eating breakfast, going and either cooking, serving, or talking to the homeless. Except we hosted an icecream social for the homeless. At the ice cream social a guy pulled up in a bunny suit and started fighting verbally about which stuffed anamial he wantedto keep. But he was nice so it was ok. Well any ways I like this trip and I hope we can do many more.

Ty Parkinson

Andrew lives on St. Luke's with his family, he is their resident EMT, gardener, fix-it man, beekeeper, and plant genius. He showed us St. Luke's newest hive and told us many amazing thing about the humble honeybee!
Learning all about the honeybees!

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